Locust Valley Middle School reporters snagged another celebrity interview, this time with Iron Chef Marc Forgione! Members of the LVMS school newspaper, The Voice, traveled to the chef’s Tribeca restaurant in Manhattan, aptly named “Marc Forgione” to interview the celebrity for a future edition of Newsday’s “Kidsday”. 

Although Marc Forgione is the Food Network’s “New Iron Chef” and will now appear on that show as well as run his restaurant which he opened in 2008, he took time out of his busy schedule to give LV students the opportunity to experience a professional style interview..

The eighth graders conducted their interview at the start of the meeting, asking questions about the show and his rise to fame on the Food Network, then he brought them into the kitchen and taught them, by demonstrating and allowing them to participate, how to brine a duck to make duck pancetta. He will cure their ducks for a month then send them back to the school so the student reporters can take them home. 

The students were accompanied by the newspaper advisor, Susan Beers, who said it is experiences like this one that motivate these young reporters and editors to push themselves. “They not only prepare through research for the interview, but they see in person that hard work leads to success,” Ms Beers explained. “Overall, the experience was amazing!” 

Ms. Beers recently brought a different group of students to interview Harry Potter star Ruper Grant for Newsday’s “Kidsday.”

Click here for a link to the "Kidsday" interview.