When Social Studies classes at Locust Valley Middle School heard that one of their classmates has a cousin serving in the military, they were eager to make his stay overseas as comfortable as possible. Lt. Glenn Harvey is a graduate of the LVHS class of 2004, so the students realized they would be helping one of their own.

Lt. Harvey’s cousins Alex and Caroline Rawa had sampled some of the food rations that soldiers are given daily and they knew they had to help. Caroline, a student in the middle school, helped the Social Studies classes organize a food drive that would include some items to make Lt. Harvey and his fellow soldier’s taste buds a little happier, and older brother Alex joined in the efforts too.

Social Studies teacher Penny McElwain helped the Social Studies classes organize the collection. Boxes located throughout the school were filled with non perishable food items such as canned soup, cookies, and powdered drink mixes, as well as other necessities including socks, razors, and soap, all thanks to the generosity of the entire school community. Mrs. Rawa picked up the boxes from the middle school and is mailing them to Lt. Harvey and his platoon in time for the holidays.

Ms. McElwain said that collecting items for the soldiers was not only a charitable act, but also emphasized civics. “The entire process taught the children about being civic minded and tied in with the Social Studies curriculum quite nicely.”

Locust Valley students are making the community proud by looking out for others. We are also proud of Lt. Harvey for serving our country. He is currently serving in the Marines and was deployed to Marjah, Afghanistan this past July.

We look forward to his safe return!