Bayville Primary School and Bayville Intermediate School students are going cold turkey! That’s right, kindergarten through fifth graders are giving up television and video games this week in recognition of Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) week. In place of those electronic past times, children are encouraged to find other activities such as reading, exercising, or playing board games.

Each child has a turkey and will fill out a feather every day that tells what electronic activity they gave up the previous day. Those feathers will be placed on the child’s turkey and displayed in the multipurpose room for all to see!

“When the children see those full tail feathers on their turkeys, they will be reminded of all the things they can do instead of using electronics,” explained Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus. “This is a fun, interactive way to get children reading and moving. They are so excited to put the tail feathers on the turkey and therefore don’t hesitate to turn that TV off!”

The Bayville PTA sponsors PARP and is offering encouragement to the students going cold turkey!