Students at Ann MacArthur Primary School and Bayville Primary School enjoyed history lessons that taught them all about Thanksgiving. Learning about the origin of the holiday included creating crafts and singing songs that focused on the lessons they had learned. Many of the children expressed their thanks for their wonderful teachers and friends.

At AMP, kindergarten students spent one morning cooking Thanksgiving soup from scratch. Students brought in ingredients such as carrots, zucchini, onions, celery, chicken broth and spices and each class made their very own soup to enjoy at their Thanksgiving Feast the next day. Prior to the Feast, these kindergarten students performed Thanksgiving songs for their parents dressed as Native Americans and Pilgrims, in costumes they created.

At BP, the entire school enjoyed a Feast of turkey, potatoes, and vegetables. They ate on festive handmade placements and participated in a school-wide sing-a-along later in the afternoon. They also created their own Native American headdresses and Pilgrim’s bonnets. In physical education classes, games centered on the holiday as well, with bowling pins dressed up in Pilgrim’s hats, pictures of turkeys serving as bulls eyes and Thanksgiving decorations adorning the entire gymnasium.

Locust Valley Intermediate School third graders were treated to a Thanksgiving Feast as well.  They enjoyed turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie as a prelude to the big day.  

The Thanksgiving lessons and activities not only provided a fun way for the children to learn, they also helped each of the schools to strengthen their sense of community. “It is important that the children and the staff feel connected to one another and celebrating the holiday with our school family is a wonderful way to connect,” said Bayville Elementary School Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus.

Special thanks to all of the parents that made these celebrations possible!