Students in Stacey Eno’s Kindergarten class are giving others reasons to be thankful during this season of giving. While learning about kindness, the lessons have been reinforced with actual acts of kindness … collecting socks, blankets, personal items, canned food and more for those in need.

“We talked about the problem of homelessness and what we can do to help,” explained Mrs. Eno. “ One thing we learned is how much socks can help a homeless person.” Through research in the school library with the help of Librarian Stefanie Lipsey, the students learned the definition of kindness, how to be kind, and what it means to others to be the recipient of kindness. Mrs. Eno said the students also learned research skills, spelling, and vocabulary throughout this lesson.

Using the concept of “bucket filling” which refers to filling someone’s bucket every time you do something nice for them, the students also experienced how wonderful being nice could make them feel. They each have their own small bucket in the classroom, to represent their own emotional bucket. Every time a student is kind to someone, that child receives a heart in their bucket. For example, each time a child brought something in to the classroom to donate to those in need, they received a heart in their bucket. Giving compliments, sharing and being polite are also acts of kindness that are being reinforced.

While the lesson was intended to correlate with “Socktober,” an effort to collect socks for the homeless, it grew into much more. The collection box in Mrs. Eno’s classroom has been overflowing and the students just continued to bring donations in day after day. ‘I’m so proud of them,” said Mrs. Eno.