The U.S. Department of Education presented Bayville Elementary School Principal Scott McElhiney and Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus with the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award for 2013. From all of the public and private schools in the United States, only 286 were selected and the Bayville Intermediate School and the Bayville Primary School were among them. Only four schools on all of Long Island achieved this high honor.

During a ceremony in Washington D.C. on November 19th, Mr. McElhiney and Ms. McManus received a plaque and a large banner to display at Bayville Primary School and Bayville Intermediate School. Following the ceremony, celebrations took place within the Locust Valley Central School District to commemorate this outstanding achievement.

The Board of Education held a reception honoring the students, staff and parents from Bayville Elementary Schools prior to its meeting on November 20th.  The Bayville Student Council members attended representing their classmates, and were joined by teachers and parents who were applauded and celebrated. New York State Board of Regents member Roger Tilles attended the celebration and said he was honored and proud to represent such an outstanding school.

Following the reception, the celebration continued during the Board of Education meeting when Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund praised the administration, faculty, parents and children for their dedication and hard work.

“It is wonderful that our students’ and faculty’s hard work and dedication, together with remarkable parent and community support have earned our Bayville Elementary Schools the distinction of being among the best in our country,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund. ‘We could not be prouder!”

A school-wide assembly for students and staff was held on November 22, at which Dr. Hunderfund, Board of Education President Suzanne Sgueglia and New York State Senator Carl Marcellino praised the Bayville community. Board of Education trustees Maria Segura and Kerian Carlstrom were also in attendance. Senator Marcellino said he was not surprised to learn that Bayville Elementary was a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. He spoke to the students saying that they should thank their teachers and parents for loving them. “Your teachers work hard because they care about you so much,” he said.

To qualify as a National Blue Ribbon School, schools must be deemed to be “Exemplary High Performing” based on student achievement on State assessments and/or nationally-normed tests. Schools which were honored were required to meet extremely difficult Annual Yearly Progress requirements under No Child Left Behind for all student subgroups, including students classified by the Committee on Special Education, students who receive free and reduced lunches and are considered to be at the poverty level, students belonging to racial and ethnic minorities, and students for whom English is not a first language.

Bayville Elementary School Principal Scott McElhiney said he was honored to be leading a National Blue Ribbon School. “The staff and students at Bayville Elementary Schools are exceptional and truly deserve this recognition. The success in Bayville Elementary would not be possible without the support of our administration and Board of Education.”