The Locust Valley Board of Education was honored at its most recent meeting, when students, staff, and community members surprised the Board members with gifts of thanks for their dedicated service to the school district.

From hand-made art work and baked goods, to gift certificates and athletic wear donned with the Locust Valley logo, the Board of Education was humbled by the generous gestures of kindness. Board of Education President Suzane Sgueglia said that although the Board members are just doing their jobs, they are grateful that the community appreciates what they do. “This helps make it all worthwhile,” Ms. Sgueglia said.  Board Vice President Erika Bruno said she does her job out of love and finds the annual appreciation to be overwhelming.

While presenting the gifts, students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade, along with administrators and parents thanked the Board for their continued support in the areas of academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities and facilities. The Board of Education members are volunteers who do not get paid for the tremendous amount of time and energy they donate to the school district.

Thank you for all that you do:

Suzanne Sgueglia, President
Erika Bruno, Vice President
Kerian Carlstrom,
Susan Petersen Lubow
Charles Murphy
Maria Segura
George M. Stimola