What does a big blue and orange dragon know about teamwork? Well, if he’s the NY Islander’s mascot Sparky, then he’s learned a lot about teamwork from watching his team work together. Sparky and some other members of the Islander’s family visited Ann MacArthur Primary School and Locust Valley Intermediate School to teach the students in kindergarten through fifth grade about the importance of teamwork and listening to their coaches (teachers), general manager (principal) and being great players (students).

With Sparky’s comical and energetic personality, students at both schools giggled their way through the presentation as they absorbed the information. “The assembly was so much fun for the children, that they couldn’t help but understand the message,” explained Locust Valley Elementary School Principal Dr. Sophia Gary. “It’s an important lesson to learn since teamwork is essential to their success in so many areas.”

The presentation was interactive, as volunteers from the audience played a dress-up game in which four students competed against one teacher to see who could get dressed in an entire hockey goalie’s uniform the fastest. The students quickly saw that teamwork won the game! The teacher, or the orange team, only had an inattentive Sparky to help her, and therefore could not keep up with the Blue team, which worked together to beat the clock! The game brought the lesson about teamwork to life and was lots of fun for the students.

Students in Bayville Primary School and Bayville Intermediate School will enjoy the same lesson from Sparky and his friends later in the year.