The Locust Valley Jesters presented the hilarious comedy “Fools” and did not disappoint audiences at this weekend's performances.

Have you heard the News?!? It is bigger than the plague in Odessa! Leon Tolchinsky has landed a terrific job as a schoolteacher in the idyllic Russian hamlet of Kulyenchikov. What he does not know is that the town has been cursed with chronic stupidity for 200 years. The desperate townspeople have hired Leon hoping he can break the curse. However, they forget to tell him that if he stays in Kulenchikov for more than 24 hours and fails to break the curse he also becomes stupid. Will love and comedy triumph? Hey, it's Neil Simon!

Serving up an evening of laughs were Ernest Scheiferstein, John LaMere, Nathaniel Szymkowicz, Amy Stapleton, Michael Harrington, Victoria Sedlak, George White, Zoe Vinegar, Jaclyn Collins and Mitchell Gaudagni. The show is directed by Abbe Gail Gross.

Great job, Jesters!