Dear Parents and Students,                                                                 

Financial Aid is a serious consideration for any student attending college.  We realize that many of you may need more information about the financial aid process, the type of aid available and the way in which you go about applying for aid.

With college application deadlines drawing near, we have set aside the evening of Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at 7:00PM to host our “Financial Aid Workshop”.  Our goal is for all of you to better understand this daunting process.  

We are truly fortunate to have Dr. Jacquelyn Nealon, Chief of Staff and Vice President for Enrollment, Campus Life and Communications from Long Island University as our guest speaker.  Dr. Nealon will give an overview of the FAFSA form, discuss the CSS profile and review critical deadlines.  Most importantly, she will provide valuable information with respect to the entire financial aid process, provide line by line suggestions for each question on the FAFSA application and answer any questions you have relative to securing financial assistance.   

For more detailed information or to download relevant forms please visit the FAFSA website at .

Please join us in the high school cafeteria for this extremely important seminar.  

The counselors and I look forward to seeing you there!

Sincerely yours,

Rebecca Gottesman
Assistant Principal
Locust Valley High School