Locust Valley Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund voiced several serious concerns during an important education forum, which took place recently at Oyster Bay High School regarding the Common Core curriculum and related issues. On the panel were New York State Board of Regents Chancellor Meryl Tisch, Regent Roger Tilles, New York State Education Commissioner John King, Jr. The moderator was State Senator Carl Marcellino. Dr. Hunderfund was joined at the forum by LVCSD Board of Education President, Suzanne Sgueglia, and representatives of the LVCSD Coordinated Parent Council.
Dr. Hunderfund described the destructive effects for students, parents, faculty and taxpayers of high stakes testing, APPR, PARCC, and the sale of student data by the State Education Department to vendors without parent knowledge or consent.  Chancellor Tisch informed Dr. Hunderfund that mandates regarding PARCC, which would have cost LVCSD approximately $2 million next year, have been deferred and will be implemented by districts on a voluntary basis. “This is a significant victory for now,” Dr. Hunderfund stated. “Together with parents and community members, our Board of Education and I have been working for years to derail PARCC and many other unfunded mandates from the State. Knowing that PARCC is one less thing we have to worry about next year is important. It is important financially and educationally in that we will not be required to waste more money needlessly, we will not have to increase high stakes testing more and we will be able to preserve programs which are very important to our district.” PARCC would have required students in the Locust Valley district and others throughout N.Y.S. to take all state mandated tests simultaneously on computers. In addition to the waste of money to pay for required technology, infrastructure and staff, the likelihood of a network collapse, by district and/or across the state, made PARCC untenable.
State education officials also announced this week that in response to “rising public anger,” they are looking to reduce the number of tests which students will have to take. For example, if an eighth grader is accelerated into ninth grade mathematics, then that student may no longer have to complete the eighth grade mathematics assessment within weeks of taking the Algebra I Regents.
In response to the public outcry regarding his cancellation of previously announced public meetings and demands for his resignation, Commissioner King also announced that he plans to hold a dozen more public forums throughout the State
Dr. Hunderfund has been working tirelessly to reverse many State requirements and mandates which are not beneficial to students or to taxpayers. “I am glad that the State appears to be willing to begin to listen to the adverse effects that these mandates have on our children, their parents, our faculty and our taxpayers. Let’s see what they will to do in the future.”