The LVCSD Board of Education is aware that many residents received their tax bills recently. The school district tax levy for the 2013-2014 school year is 2.9 percent for Class 1 residential property owners.  This is actually lower than the tax levy of 3.09% which voters approved in May. The addition of the Iroquois Pipeline to the district’s tax roll allowed for this decrease.
It is important to note that the school district and its voters only have control over changes in the school tax levy. Although some homeowners will see a larger tax increase than others, the total tax increase for residential homeowners is still 2.9%, which is not only lower than the tax levy approved by voters, but is also lower than the State tax cap for Locust Valley for the 2013-2014 school year.

Any grievances regarding tax assessments need to be made to the Nassau County Tax Assessor. The school district and our voters have no control over property market values, assessed valuations, or tax equalization rates – all of which are reflected in the property tax bills which our residents receive from and are determined by the Nassau County Tax Assessor’s office.