There is a lot to learn in Kindergarten, and for five-year-olds, learning is fun! At Bayville Primary School, students in Ms. Dennis’ Kindergarten class combined many of the skills they are learning to create their very own gingerbread men.

Ms. Dennis and her class read many versions of the famous fable about a little gingerbread boy who runs away to avoid being eaten. By reading several versions of the same story, the children practice reading, learn about different ways to tell the same story and see that a story can be illustrated in a variety of creative ways.

As a fun way to end their lesson on The Gingerbread Man, using yarn, children sewed two paper gingerbread men together to create a take home project for their parents. Ms. Dennis explained that this project helped to join various areas of the curriculum. “The sewing improves their hand-eye coordination, helps them to learn how to follow directions and provides an opportunity for more discussion about the stories,” she said. During the sewing project, children talked about how the paper gingerbread men looked like the character from the books and even recited lines from the stories.