Locust Valley High School has been named a New York State Reward School for the third year in a row. The designation is the highest honor that can be given to any school by the state.

To qualify for this honor, Locust Valley High School had to meet the most rigorous criteria, which the State has established to date.

In order to earn this honor, a school must:

  1. 1. Meet Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) requirements under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for all subgroups of students including, English Language Learners and Individual Needs students.
    2.   Rank among the top schools in the State based on unweighted scores on the ELA and math State assessments.
    3. Produce above average growth rate for:
    • - All students
    • - Lowest achieving (25% of all students)
    • -Have extremely high graduation rates for:
      • * All students
      • *The most at-risk students

When all of these criteria are met, a school will be named a “Reward School” and earn this very impressive honor.

“I am extremely proud that the State has recognized Locust Valley High School as a Reward School and as being among the best in the State,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund. “This is a testament to the hard work of the students, staff and administrators and the support of our Board of Education and community.” Dr. Hunderfund added that based on the rigorous process used to identify our high school as a Reward School, it is clear that despite economic challenges, Locust Valley is finding ways to continue to prepare all students for the academic challenges which they will face.
Locust Valley High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire was also very proud that the high school was honored with this recognition. "The Reward School recognition highlights the increasingly positive outcomes across our entire student body. We support students' growth and achievement at all levels and the State has recognized that for the third consecutive year."