Summer may be long over, but in every classroom on a recent fall afternoon, students at Locust Valley Intermediate School recalled one of their favorite summer activities – reading!

LVI teachers volunteered to lead summer reading book talk groups and engaged students with wonderfully creative activities such as Jeopardy, art projects, and more. These activities encouraged students to think about and discuss the characters, writing, and plots of the books they chose to read.

Students selected summer reading from a list of books put together by school librarian Anne Joyce. There was a mix of non-fiction and fiction, with many genres represented.

 “It’s important that students are reading over the summer and having positive shared experiences with their classmates and teachers when they return to school in the fall,” stated Dr. Sophia Gary, Principal. “Summer reading in the Locust Valley schools is an important tradition, and it fosters a sense of academic accountability among students beyond the school year.”

A summer reading raffle was open to all students who read from the summer reading list and then completed and handed in a book summary. When students submitted their book summaries, they received a raffle ticket in return. Just over 400 book summaries were turned in by LVI students based on their summer reading.