Dear Parents:

Welcome to the new academic year at Locust Valley High School.  It is my great hope and expectation that, together, we will enable your child to achieve even greater success throughout this school year.

Our annual “Open House” Program will take place on Thursday evening, September 12, 2013. We’ll begin the evening with a brief greeting in the High School Auditorium at 6:15 pm, which will allow you an opportunity to meet myself and our Assistant Principals, Bob Presland and Rebecca Gottesman. The evening will continue with you attending the shortened classes of your child’s Day “A” schedule.  In addition to providing you with an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers, these shortened class meetings will impart important information about curricula, expectations, assessments and class requirements. Refreshments will be available in the cafeteria throughout the evening, beginning at 6:30 pm. The evening will conclude at 8:40 pm.  Each year, “Open House” is a well-attended event, so you are encouraged to arrive early in order to avoid parking or traffic distractions.

In addition to the regular program, members of SEPTA and the High School Parents’ Council will be with us to enlist your support and distribute information about their important efforts throughout the year. These organizations are important vehicles for your active participation in the life of the school and for real communication among parents, teachers and school administrators.

Please also be aware of the following important events:
•    Underclass photos will be taken in school on Friday 9/20.  
•    Senior Group Photo on the Hill will be taken on Friday, 9/20.
•    Senior yearbook portraits will be scheduled for Wednesday through Friday, 10/2, 10/3 & 10/4 with retakes on Thursday and Friday, 11/6 and 11/7.  
•    The Grade 12 Parent Night will be in our auditorium on Thursday, 9/19, beginning at 7 PM.
•    The first meeting of the High School Parents’ Council (HSPC) will be on Wednesday, Sept. 11th in the Conference Room (Room #133) at 9:30 AM.

I would also like to call your attention to our required annual emergency preparedness drill, which will take place this year on Friday, October 11th.  Because of that drill, students will be dismissed at 2:29 PM on October 11th, ten minutes earlier than usual.  

The faculty and I look forward to meeting with you on the evening of Thursday, September 12th.

With all best wishes,

Kieran J. McGuire, Ed.D.
Locust Valley High School


  Parents: Please ask your child to complete this form so that you can bring this completed
                                  form with you to use as your schedule on Thursday, September 12th

STUDENT NAME______________________________________________

PLEASE NOTE:  Please be sure to use your Thursday schedule (“A” Day) when completing the form below.  Please fill in the name of each subject, the room number where each subject is taught and the teacher's name in the appropriate space.  



      6:10 – 6:25                    Meet Dr. McGuire in high school auditorium

1)    6:30-6:40

2)    6:45-6:55

3)    7:00-7:10

4)    7:15-7:25

5)    7:30-7:40

6)    7:45-7:55

7)    8:00-8:10

8)    8:15-8:25

9)    8:30-8:40

Refreshments will be available throughout the evening in the high school cafeteria.