Welcome back to school! From Kindergarten to Grade 12, students were already diving into the lessons their teachers prepared as they returned to school on September 3rd.  The youngest students were learning about sight words as they looked for important signs around the room, found their desks with their names on them and of course, met many new friends.  Older students were learning new Physics lessons, writing essays, and determining when they would take important exams such as the SATs.  

At the High School, the Academic Lab was bustling with students getting a jump-start on their first assignments, and at the Middle School, teachers already had their classes using rulers and computing mathematical equations. Of course, there was some fun too as pick-up games of basketball were a great way to release extra energy and recharge after lunch.

We want to remind families that all of the schools are closed on Thursday, September 5th and Friday, September 6th.