Orientation for sixth and ninth graders offered students the opportunity to become more familiar with the Middle School and High School prior to the first day of school.

At Locust Valley Middle School, sixth graders were given tours of the school by seventh graders. Paired off in small groups, with class schedules in hand, the seventh graders showed the sixth graders where each of their classes would be held, as well as how to get to the library, cafeteria, main office, and more. They also calmed one of the biggest fears these students have each year – learning to use their lockers! The seasoned middle school students taught them how to put the locks on the locker and how to open the locks with the assigned combinations. Although tricky at first, with the help of these tour guides, the incoming sixth graders were experts in no time!

The middle school orientation also included learning the rules of the school, what would be expected of them, and meeting many of the administrators. Principal Howard H. Hogan said the orientation was a success, leaving the school’s newest students feeling more comfortable about starting school. “We answered their questions, calmed their fears, and told them we will be here for them all year to help them in whatever ways they may need.”

Ninth grade orientation at the high school also included a tour, but these students are more familiar with the building as they share some of the facilities while in middle school. They were shown where the high school classrooms are and through a scavenger hunt, learned where to go if they needed specific information, such as asking a guidance counselor about SAT dates, or the athletic office about sports.  Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire said while the ninth graders are already comfortable in the building, because they are older, there are higher expectations of them in the high school.  “We emphasize the ramifications of their behavior and their work habits, and how their actions will affect not only their ability to attend the universities of their choosing, but also how these will affect their ability to perform in college.”

In both schools, the students are well prepared for the 2013-2014 school year and beyond!