Dressed as characters from history, fifth-graders in Mrs. Palmer’s class at LVI presented “5PTV Historical Poetry,” a project which integrated reading, social studies, vocabulary development, art and costume design, public speaking, and lots of fun!

This ambitious group wasted no time as they began preparing their individual presentations which included memorizing their poems, creating colorful posters depicting the main idea of their poems and wearing costumes relevant to the time period .

Poems reflected historical topics ranging from a description of the first people to cross the land bridge to the inauguration of George Washington and the Boston Tea Party to the first man on the moon. With powdered wigs, confederate hats, tea sets, and other creative props, students were filmed reciting their poems while a classmate held up the poster that each presenter created depicting an event in the poem.

“This project is a collaboration of many important curriculum areas,” said Mrs. Palmer. “It is a fun way for students to learn about different historical events in a short period of time.”  She further explained that videotaping the presentations allows students to critique themselves and to show off their skills to their parents.