Honoring National Honor Society Inductees

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Locust Valley High School students were celebrated for proving that they are dedicated to academics, community service, leadership and showing that they have strong character. Nearly 75 students were inducted into the National Honor Society on Jan. 16 during a traditional ceremony, which included many esteemed guests.

National Honor Society officers Ava Hoehne, president, and Steven Chale, vice president, served as the masters of ceremony, introducing guest speakers, explaining the four pillars of the honor society and leading the candle lighting ceremony.

Class of 2020 valedictorian Michelle Hsu performed Liszt’s Concert Etude No. 3 on the piano as the musical interlude. Guest speakers praised the inductees and offered words of advice for continued success. 

Board of Education President Jennifer Maselli spoke of the traits that helped the inductees gain acceptance to the National Honor Society. “Your integrity, commitment to scholarship, dedication to service and continued development of leadership skills are integral to who you are as individuals and the positive impact you have on all of us.”

Locust Valley High School Principal Patrick DiClemente said, “With a great sense of pride I am privileged to recognize and celebrate your induction into the National Honor Society.” He explained that the traits required for induction are developed as a result of effort and enthusiasm as well as the support of the district and guidance from parents. Mr. DiClemente also emphasized the importance that being a lifelong learner has on future success.

Interim Superintendent of Schools Thomas P. Dolan said he was honored to address the group. “I believe there exists a social contract at the heart of public education, indeed the very motto of this organization, ‘Nobility obligates,’ implies that very agreement,” he said. “Thus far you have been the beneficiaries of that contract, as this community has offered you a world-class education, ample learning opportunities, and you are now, or will soon be, poised to take your places in colleges and universities that will be lucky to have you. You’ve received a great deal, but a contract implies an exchange and you will be expected to give back in some way, and I am certain that you will find ways in which to do so.”

Many thanks to Ava and Steven for running the ceremony in a fashion that reflected the importance of the inductees’ accomplishments. Their efforts were guided by National Honor Society advisers Rachel McShane and Stephanie Scavelli.

Congratulations to all of the inductees on this esteemed honor!