Sixth Graders Have the World in Their Hands

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Sixth graders recently took a trip around the world through the eyes of a true world traveler. During a presentation by Michael Harrold of Jambo Productions, the students viewed an educational program that allowed them to interact with actual artifacts and hear firsthand anecdotes about other cultures.

With a focus on Egypt, the traveling museum aligned with the sixth grade social studies units of study on ancient river valleys and classical civilizations. 

“The opportunity to view photographs and feel real artifacts helps bring history alive for students, and they are likely to remember much about Egypt from the engaging manner in which the information was presented,” said Bryan Sarandrea, Locust Valley coordinator of social studies and business, K-12. He added that Mr. Harrold’s reinforcement that other cultures should be viewed with positivity and respect was an important message for the middle school students.

Jambo Productions works with schools to celebrate the world’s cultural diversity and brought many items from a variety of countries to demonstrate that children and adults live differently around the world. From musical instruments to household tools, students had the opportunity to examine and try things they have never seen in person before.