Three fifth grade Locust Valley Intermediate School students have been recognized as Regional winners in the Toshiba ExloraVision Competition. The team of Hana Glavin, Michelle Hsu, and James O'Connell were honored for their innovation, “Triple C: Carbon Capture for Cars.” These students came up with an innovation that would reduce carbon emissions from cars. This team was coached by librarian Anne Joyce and mentored by high school physics teacher Alan Stella.

From nearly 15,000 entries, Hana, Michelle, and James were among only 24 regional winners. Toshiba ExploraVision is a science competition for students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade, in which participants are encouraged to imagine and research what technology could  look like in the future.  

Locust Valley Intermediate School had eight teams participate in the competition. Bayville Intermediate School had six teams participate, one of which received Honorable Mention.  \Coached by Bayville Intermediate School Librarian Paige Coppola, the team of Christopher Bartell, Anthony Scicutella, and Bradon Chabrier proposed BCDC (Breast Cancer Detection Cream) a cream that would detect breast cancer at a very early stage and therefore save lives.

In addition, there were 11 teams at the high school and six teams at the middle school participating in this year’s Toshiba ExploraVision competition. Congratulations to all of the district’s students that participated in this year’s Toshiba ExploraVision Competition.