Two teams of Locust Valley High School students earned second place in Chemagination, a science competition in which more than 40 teams participated. In the environmental chemistry category, Caoimhe Stafford, Emily Schlicht and Niko Martinovic presented their idea of a Black Allen Box to prevent radiation from escaping in the event of an accident at a nuclear plant.  Competing in the medicine and drugs category, Tazim Merchant, Joe Kim and Chris Lee presented their idea of Sleep+, a drug to improve the quality of sleep. 

Chemagination, a competition sponsored by the American Chemical Society requires students to pick an area of chemistry and predict how it may improve the lives of high school students 25 years in the future.  The students researched their topics and then each team wrote an article for Chem Matters Magazine as though we were in the year 2038.  Students presented their work to a panel of judges at St. John’s University. These chemistry professors questioned the teams about their presentations and asked them what other advances in chemistry would be needed in order for their idea to be realized.

Congratulations to these high school scientists!