Sixth graders at Locust Valley Middle School raised more than $10,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This was the largest amount of money raised by a single grade on all of Long Island!

With only 180 students in the sixth grade, these ambitious students competed against each other to raise the most money per class for this important cause. Some classes held bake sales, and others participated in creative events such as Moustache Monday, when the students wore fake moustaches, and sold fake moustaches, some made of chocolate.

The event culminated with students paying for pieces of duct tape and taping Principal H. Thomas Hogan and Music Chairperson William Margiotta to the wall.  The event was a fun way to raise those few last dollars and bring the entire grade together for some spirit.

Organized by Barbara LaBella and Meris First, the sixth grade advisors, the fundraiser was the largest ever for a group this size at Locust Valley.

Allison Levine, the campaign coordinator for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society said the Locust Valley sixth graders raised more money per child than any other group on Long Island. She explained that large donations such as this one usually come from an entire school, rather than one grade.

Mr. Hogan said the students and faculty should be commended for the tremendous effort put forth for the sake of those in need. “These kids and their teachers are superstars – they spent countless hours creatively raising funds and they should feel good about what they’ve done. I have never been prouder of our 6th grade community. They are a special group.”