Modeling Skills for Younger Classmen

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Veteran Model UN delegates used their experience writing position papers to guide younger students in the research and writing process that will make them successful at their first Model UN Conference this spring.

Members of the high school’s Model UN Club ran a workshop for students in the middle school Model UN class, helping them to better understand the concepts associated with the complex world issues they must tackle during the conference.  

The middle school students are required to prepare position papers outlining the interests of either India or Saudi Arabia in relation to a specific topic assigned to each group or committee. High school students assisted the younger students in wading through research on topics ranging from maritime crime to resource efficiency. 

A high school adviser worked with each committee, reviewing background guides and introducing new research techniques that would prove useful in the writing of their papers. 

“The kids were excited to learn new procedural language and about the conduct of MUN conferences,” high school senior Michael DiSpirito said. “They thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to pick the brains of their advisers, asking insightful questions about their own MUN experiences.” He added that the workshop was able to provide the middle school students with a better understanding of their task while inspiring enthusiasm for the upcoming conference. 

The collaboration was the idea of high school junior Emily Barosin. She is passionate about Model UN and wanted to share her enthusiasm. Emily aspires to a career in policymaking that could include working in the United Nations.

“It’s important to raise a new generation of leaders, and I want younger kids to get what I got out of Model UN,” she said. “The experience provides exposure to an environment where you learn lifelong skills.” 

“Emily’s passion for Model UN has helped her achieve success at conferences and is now helping younger students,” Model UN adviser Stephanie Scavelli said. “She brainstormed the collaboration with the middle school, and her fellow club members jumped on board to help plan the event.”

A second workshop will take place prior to the Model UN conference in the spring.