The Board of Education will hold a meeting on April 23 at 8 p.m. at Bayville Intermediate School

The Board of Education will hold a meeting on April 23 at 8 p.m. at Bayville Intermediate School. The Board will adopt the 2014-2015 budget.

A Public Budget Hearing will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Bayville Intermediate School.

LVHS Winter Athletes Excel!

Locust Valley High School athletes had a great winter season with all winter teams achieving scholar athlete status. In order to achieve scholar-athlete status, a team must achieve a grade point average of at least 90. Congratulations to the following individual athletes and teams, as well as their coaches for their outstanding accomplishments:

First Name    Last Name Grade          Sport                                                    Award




Boys Basketball





Boys Basketball





Boys Basketball





Girls Basketball





Girls Basketball





Girls Basketball





Girls Bowling






State Champion 113-lb. , Newsday 1st Team All-Long Island and County Champion





99-lb. State Finalist, All-State, County Champion





138-lb. All-State 3rd Place, County Champ, National All-American





120-lb. All-State, County Champion




















State Qualifier, County Champion





State Qualifier, County Champion





State Qualifier, County Champion





State Qualifier, County Champion














































All Winter 2013-2014 Teams Achieved NYS Scholar Athlete Team Recognition:

Boys Bowling 93.67 Wrestling 93.46, Girls Track 93.12, Girls Basketball 92.31, Girls Bowling 92.02, 

Boys Basketball 91.6, Kickline 91.53, Boys Track 91.34, Cheerleading 91.03









Wrestling - New York State Champions, Nassau County D-II Champions, Conference IV B Champions


LVHS Ranked One Of America’s Top High Schools – Again!

Locust Valley High School has once again gained national distinction by being ranked as one of the top high schools in the nation and has significantly moved up the ranks. Locust Valley High School has earned recognition as being ranked:

  • #1 nationally among open enrollment International Baccalaureate public high schools
  • #2 in NY State among open enrollment public schools and #5 in NY State overall
  • #2 on Long Island among open enrollment public schools and #2 on Long Island overall
  • #6 in the nation among open enrollment public schools
  • #91 in the nation including, private and by application schools.

 There are more than 27,000 public and private high schools in the nation. Of these, only the top nine percent qualify for The Washington Post rankings. The Washington Post’s Jay Matthews uses a formula which he calls the “Challenge Index” to calculate the rankings. The formula uses the number of AP and IB exams given at the high school divided by the number of graduating seniors. Mr. Matthews states on his website that this formula determines how well a school prepares their students for college. 

“I am very proud that Locust Valley High School has been recognized in this manner. Our High School has high expectations, encourages and supports students from diverse backgrounds to enroll in rigorous IB and AP courses, the courses which universities value the most. The Washington Post attests to the fact that proportionately speaking, our students do so more than students in all but one other open enrollment high school in New York State and the all but one other high school on Long Island,” stated Locust Valley Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund. “Locust Valley High School’s students and faculty deserve a great deal of credit for working to make the American dream of challenging oneself and succeeding regardless of one’s background, a reality. Without the support of our Board of Education and our community, this wonderful achievement would not be possible! For all of this, we are very, very grateful and proud!”


Fashion Show Fun!


Each year, the senior class puts on a fashion show to raise funds for the prom and this year, the Class of 2014 showed off sports wear, casual wear and formal wear in style! Check out all the fashion fun in the slide show.


Important Common Core Updates

Recently, new information was released by the College Board and the New York State Regents regarding the Common Core. The Board of Education meeting on April 2, 2014 included discussions on “Myths” that exist as well as “Facts” about this important topic, in addition to the “Myth” that APPR (State teacher accountability) is going away, which is not true. The reality is that teachers will be held accountable by the State Education Department for student performance on Common Core assessments in grades 3-8 and on English and Math Regents. The following slides explain some of the changes announced by College Board and the Regents recently.



Click here for the slides

Locust Valley Earns Top Awards at Film Festival

Locust Valley High School students won six awards at the school’s 10th annual Film Festival. The Locust Valley student films took first place in three categories including documentary, comedy and music video, and earned third place in the drama, public service announcement and music video categories.

The films were judged by WABC-TV film critic Sandy Kenyon, who said this year’s festival participants produced some of the best films he has seen in his five years as a judge. “I noticed some great progress,” Mr. Kenyon said. “This year, there was a lot of writing what you know, and it was thrilling to watch.” 

Students from 12 high schools across Long Island attended the Film Festival, sending in 136 films for the first round of judging by professors at NYIT. The final 52 films were screened during the festival, and the winners chosen by Mr. Kenyon. Each of the finalists received a trophy, and each of the winning filmmakers was awarded a scholarship to NYIT for $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 for third place in each category. 

Locust Valley High School film teacher Bruce Campbell organized the festival and said the Locust Valley students did an outstanding job. “I am very proud of our film students. They have once again demonstrated outstanding creativity and artistic ability. I am delighted that they are being rewarded for all of their hard work.”

Working with Mr. Campbell was the Locust Valley High School Parents’ Council. This volunteer group, led by Emily Johnson and Susan Ferrari, coordinated lunch for the participants, organized Monday Night at the Movies, ordered trophies, decorations and more. “I could not have done this without the tremendous help of the parents,” Mr. Campbell said.

The winner for first place in drama, “A Veteran’s Story,” is a film that was created in collaboration with the Locust Valley Rotary Club. Rotarian Katherine Gibson spearheaded the project to document the stories of local veterans. Locust Valley film students have been interviewing these veterans and the final films will be accepted into the Library of Congress.

The Locust Valley Film Festival partnered with the Long Island International Film Festival, and Nassau County Film Commissioner Debra Markowitz presented the Audience Choice Award to the winning filmmakers from Baldwin High School. Their film will be shown at the Long Island International Film Festival this July.

Congratulations to the following Locust Valley students:

First Place, Documentary: “A Veteran’s Story”  

Charlie Picoli, James Schieferstein and David Vissichelli

First Place, Comedy: “The Date”

Reed Rudowsky and Shanaz Sanjana

First Place, Music Video: “Monster”

T.J. Ferrari

Third Place, Drama: “Down But Not Out“  

Zoey Lee, Julian Pagliaccio and Brian Reidy 

Third Place, Public Service Announcement: “Car Accident”

Nicole Yonkers

Third Place, Music Video: “Say Something”

Will Campanella


Bayville Reads Together

Bayville students celebrated Read Across America Week with fun-filled events centered on reading.  This reading motivation and awareness program encourages children to celebrate the joys of reading.  Through the efforts of Parents As Reading Partners and the elementary school libraries, students were involved in daily activities, such as Drop Everything and Read story time, Colors of the Sea Day, Joke in Your Pocket Day and mystery readers.  This year’s theme was “Dive Into Reading.”

Bayville Primary School librarian Stefanie Lipsey and Bayville Intermediate School librarian Paige Coppola organized the Read Across America events, creating reading fun for everyone in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Scientists Prove Theories at LVI

Students at Locust Valley Intermediate School used their research skills and creativity to produce a wide array of experiments for the Locust Valley Intermediate School Science Fair. Students in third through fifth grade demonstrated how to form a hypothesis and proved their theories. These young scientists created captivating visuals to present their experiments and results.

Students worked independently or in groups for the Science Fair, hosted by the Locust Valley Elementary Parents’ Council. Although participation is voluntary, the number of participants continues to grow each year. The school’s science lab instructor, Caroline McBride, said this year’s fair had the most participants. “It's exciting to see our young students so curious about science," she said. " They impressed us with clever, well organized projects and were so eager to share what they had learned from their experiments and investigations.”

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the high school’s science research program served as the science fair’s judges, along with their teachers Chris Hoppner and Alan Stella. Mr. Hoppner said the collaboration between the two schools is beneficial for everyone involved. “My students were thrilled to interact with the younger students and inspire them,” he said. “Through this partnership, the younger students see that they can continue their scientific research throughout school, and they look forward to it.”

The winners were:

Third grade:
First place
Ainsley McGarry: “Do Dogs or Human Have More Bacteria?”
Second place
Aidan Moran: “Safe Natural Preservatives”
Third place
Daniel Glavan: “How Cables Carry Loads on Bridges”

Team: Oliver Blaise and Ryan Kanter: “Foam Explosion”
Individual: Samuel Mantovani: “Explosion in a Bag”

Fourth grade:
First place
Nicole Berritto and Frankie Ottimo: “Pondwater Biofilter”
Second place
Siena Odrich and Noelle Valdinoto: “Bacteria of the Mouth”
Third place
Hope Kim, Gabriela Mazza and Olivia O’Connell: “Five Second Rule”

Team: Gwendolyn Jones, Sophia Sinkoff and Madison Weiss: “Invisible Ink Project”
Individual: Adil Khwaja: “The Steady Hand Test”

Fifth grade:
First place
Zachary Watson: “Magnetic Levitation”
Second place
Emma Gallo: “Power of Gravity”
Third place
Daniel Palleschi and Alyssa Zambuto: “Electric Resistance with a Pencil”

Team: Chloe Angelone, Claire Hogan and Katarina Siafakas: “Best Way to Melt Sidewalk Ice”
Individual: Piper Bondy: “Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Important Snow Day Information

Please note that due to extreme weather this winter, we have used the two "snow days." Because we needed to use additional "snow days" those days will be made up on April 11th and May 27th as indicated on page 28 of the school calendar.

LVCSD Students Earn Honorable Mention in TOSHIBA Competition

Four teams in the district were awarded honorable mention in the TOSHIBA ExploraVision competition.  These projects placed among the top 10 percent of all ExploraVision projects submitted to the competition this year. 

Congratulations to the following teams:

Bayville Intermediate School:

Project: Waste to Watts

Fifth-graders: Emily Barosin, Joshua Lee, Riley Stein and Alexa Testa

Coach: Rebecca Glavan, TA; 

Toshiba Research Coordinator: Paige Coppola, BI Librarian  

Locust Valley Intermediate School:

Project: OSC: Ocean Pipeline Breakage System

Anthony Bonadonna, Emma Gallo and Jenna Halpin

Coach: Anne Joyce, LVI Librarian; Mentor: Rebecca Glavan, TA

Project: Hi-TEK Polyphenolic Air Filtration Systems

Katie Banker, Tanner Rave and Ethan Vitale

Coach: Anne Joyce, LVI Librarian; Mentor: Rebecca Glavan, TA

Project: Breathe Right Nano-Patch

Oliver Blaise, Margaret Kuebler and Sophia Silva

Coach: Anne Joyce, LVI Librarian; Mentor: Jen Levitt, TA

Ann MacArthur Primary Has Community Spirit

As part of a unit of study on community, students at Ann MacArthur Primary School held a school spirit day to celebrate their own school community. Students and staff dressed in Locust Valley T-shirts and enjoyed a special assembly that included a version of the school mascot. 

A representative from Bailey’s Arboretum brought some feathered friends to show the students, including a falcon, the school mascot that the students had on their shirts. Students had the opportunity to see and learn about the falcon and other animals, such as two different species of owls. The expert also shared information about these animals’ habits in the wild and that they had been injured and could no longer survive on their own. 

Ann MacArthur Primary School Principal Dr. Sophia Gary said that incorporating school spirit day into the unit of study on community was a wonderful addition to the curriculum. “The students learned more about community by embracing their own community right here at school,” she explained. Dr. Gary said the idea for spirit day was generated through the AMP site-based team.


Common Core Curriculum

The Common Core State Standards is a joint effort led by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers to develop a shared, nationwide set of K-12 standards in English language arts and Mathematics.  The goal was to develop standards that ensure all students are held to consistent expectations that will prepare them for college and career.  More than 45 states and the District of Columbia have adopted the standards.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is engaging teachers, administrators, and education experts across the State and nation in the creation of curriculum resources instructional materials, assessments, and professional development materials that will help with the transition to the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).  This includes specific requirements for English and Mathematics. 

The Governor, the New York State Education Commission and the New York State Legislature are looking at ways in which the implementation of the Common Core may be modified.

For specific information please click on the links below:

Common Core Writing Skills

Changes in ELA/Literacy

Common Core Reading Skills

Common Core Math Competencies

Changes in Mathematics


Nassau County Tax Bill Explanation

The LVCSD Board of Education is aware that many residents received their tax bills recently. The school district tax levy for the 2013-2014 school year is 2.9 percent for Class 1 residential property owners.  This is actually lower than the tax levy of 3.09% which voters approved in May. The addition of the Iroquois Pipeline to the district’s tax roll allowed for this decrease.
It is important to note that the school district and its voters only have control over changes in the school tax levy. Although some homeowners will see a larger tax increase than others, the total tax increase for residential homeowners is still 2.9%, which is not only lower than the tax levy approved by voters, but is also lower than the State tax cap for Locust Valley for the 2013-2014 school year.

Any grievances regarding tax assessments need to be made to the Nassau County Tax Assessor. The school district and our voters have no control over property market values, assessed valuations, or tax equalization rates – all of which are reflected in the property tax bills which our residents receive from and are determined by the Nassau County Tax Assessor’s office.

Protecting Student Privacy


As of March 10, 2014, a panel assembled by Governor Cuomo recommended that the New York State Education Department sever all ties with inBloom, a private data storage firm.

For more than three years, our Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education and our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Hunderfund, have consistently opposed the release of personal student information to InBloom, without explicit authorization from parents to do so. During that time, our district’s concern regarding and opposition to violating student privacy has been shared with Senator Marcellino, Assemblyman Montesano, Assemblyman Lavine, Senator John Flanagan, the Regents, the State Education Department Commissioner and the Deputy Governor of the State of New York.

Despite these protests, according to recent media reports, the New York State Education Department continues to be the only state education department which intends to share confidential student data with inBloom. This data includes student achievement records, race, ethnicity, CSE and 504 classification information, discipline records, the income levels of certain families and more.

Given that earlier this week, the advisory committee to Governor Cuomo recommended that ties with inBloom be severed, that the Governor appears receptive to this recommendation and that Assemblyman Montesano and Assemblyman Lavine and others have sponsored a bill to curb InBloom, it appears that this is an opportune time for parents and residents to voice their opinions to the sponsors of related bills, to other legislators and to the Governor regarding this extremely serious privacy issue.

Links are provided below regarding regarding Assembly bill A-06059A and Senate bill S5932-2013), links to local legislators, as well as a link to an online petition opposing InBloom.


Senator John Flanagan

Senator Carl Marcellino

Senator Jack Martins

Assemblyman Charles Lavine

Assemblyman Michael Montesano


In order to communicate with the Governor, parents and residents are encouraged to use the contact form on the Governor's webpage,    ,

and/or consider sending a letter to:

Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York State Capitol Building

Albany, New York 12224





LVHS Wins in Science Olympiad Regionals

Members of the Locust Valley High School Science Olympiad team won four medals in the Eastern Nassau Science Olympiad Regional Competition on Feb. 1. Competing against 45 teams in 20 events, two teams of Locust Valley students earned second-, fourth- and fifth-place medals.

 The competition, which is based on exams and lab work, relies on building and engineering, encompassing all areas of science. Examples include maglev cars, boomilever, chemistry lab, astronomy, anatomy, optics, disease detectives and forensics.

The winners were: second place, Chem Lab – Christopher Lee and Tazim Merchant; second place, Disease Detectives – Jung Seo (Joe) Kim and Justin Wei; fourth place, Disease Detectives – Isaac Park and Ishan Prasad; fifth place, Write It, Do It – Konrad Matthaei and Joe Palumbo.

Valedictorian Joe Palumbo is the high school’s all-time leading medal winner with five medals over the past four years.

The district congratulates the entire Science Olympiad team and their coaches Walter Gurzynski, Courtney McKay, Doug Notti and Chris Schmid on all their hard work.


LVI Team Named Regional Winner in TOSHIBA Competition

A team of Locust Valley Intermediate School fifth-graders has been named the regional winners in the TOSHIBA ExploraVision competition. Roarke Creedon, Shawn Kapoor and Matthew Klein created the project, Plant Power, the Super-Hydrophobic Lotus Leaf, which proposes to make airplane flight safer through a de-icing/anti-icing innovation. It involves nano-imprinting the lotus leaf pattern onto an airplane’s exterior. The surface of the lotus leaf repels water and the students proposed the use of the leaf’s design to repel the water off an airplane’s surface. 

Currently, the airplane industry addresses ice and snow build-up after it has formed on the exterior of an airplane. These de-icing and anti-icing processes use chemicals that run-off into the water and impact the natural habitat. The students’ innovation involves the nano-imprinting of the lotus leaf pattern on airplane exteriors so that ice and snow no longer build up and affect airplane safety. The invention prevents the problem from happening rather than treating the plane once the ice has formed.

The LVI team will now create a working website and video based on their project. This media component will be judged against the five other regional winners in their grade level at the next level of the TOSHIBA competition. As regional winners, Roarke, Shawn and Matt, each won a TOSHIBA tablet and are each eligible to win a $10,000 or $5,000 U.S. savings bond if they win the national portion of the contest. Winners will be announced on April 18.

The students were mentored and coached by Anne Joyce and Maria Sidor. Mrs. Joyce said the competition fits in with the curriculum perfectly. “Research is part of the library and technology curriculum from kindergarten through high school,” she explained. “When our students apply their research and analysis skills in a nationwide competition, it helps to broaden their view of the world. Students see that their ideas are possible, that the future is within reach and they can play an active role in moving our world forward. ”

TOSHIBA is about innovating – looking at the world and trying to figure out how to make one part of it healthier, cleaner and safer. Students came up with and researched solutions to different problems in the world. They wrote detailed research papers that discussed their ideas. Students at Bayville Elementary, Locust Valley Middle School and Locust Valley High School also competed in this year’s TOSHIBA ExploraVision competition. 




High School’s Odyssey of the Mind Wins First Place in Regionals

Members of the high school’s Odyssey of the Mind club won first place in the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament and earned a spot in the Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament on April 12 at Binghamton University. 

 The high school club teaches students to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun. The projects allow students to think creatively as they aim to solve difficult problems. Thinking outside of the box is a priority for success. The problem chosen by the Locust Valley team was “The Not-So-Haunted House.” The task involved creating an original performance that included a pop-up-style, not-so-haunted house where four special effects took place. The special effects were intended to scare others, but they also induce emotions such as laughter, anger, sadness and surprise. Rules required that the special effects were original and utilize the team’s engineering skills.

 Odyssey of the Mind adviser Alan Stella said the group’s performance was exceptional, bringing praise from audience members. “The students are talented, hardworking and very independent,” he said. “Despite all of their other obligations, they have managed to produce a great performance.”




Free SAT Prep Session Before and After School

Locust Valley High School will be offering free after-school and before school review sessions for the Spring SAT’s.  This SAT prep is open to all students in grades ten and eleven who plan to take the SAT on May 3rd and/or June 7th, 2014.  This year we have partnered with Method Test Prep’s online curriculum which is available to all Locust Valley students through their Castle Learning account.

The SAT review sessions will help your child to identify his or her strengths and target the areas in which he or she may need review prior to taking the exam.  These sessions will alternate between Critical Reading/Writing and Mathematics. Review sessions will run from Monday, March 3rd through Thursday, May 1st in the mornings from 6:45am – 7:30am or afternoons from 3pm – 4pm, Monday through Thursday.  Your child will be informed of his or her room assignment via email and posted notices.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions in order to maximize their potential for achievement on this critical exam.  

If you are interested in registering for these sessions, you may return the slip that was mailed home or you may call 277-5100.

Please note that registration for this course does NOT register you for the Spring SAT exams.  You must go to to register for the SAT exam(s) of your choice.  College Board assigns seats to registered students based on first come first serve – please be sure to register as soon as possible for these exams to ensure you have a seat at your preferred test center. 

Click here for to view the schedule for Math prep sessions

 Click here to view the schedule for Verbal prep sessions

MS Science Bowl Team Takes Second Place in Regionals!



The Locust Valley Middle School Science Bowl Team earned second place in the New York State Regionals of the National Science Bowl held at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  These students competed among twenty teams from twelve schools across Long Island in a head-to-head, round robin style competition, with the Locust Valley team just missing the first place title.  

The team consisted of eighth grader Lucas Ferrante, seventh grader Alim Merchant and sixth graders Nils Coffey and Liam Pharr. These young scientists won all four of their matches in the morning with extremely impressive victories. In a few cases, they they won their matches by more than 100 points, answering difficult science questions correctly over and over again.

In the afternoon, during the double elimination round, the team suffered its first defeat at the hands of the team from Commack, a seasoned team with three prior trips to the nationals, and comprised almost entirely of eighth graders. The difference between scores came down to one question and the bonus question attached to it.

Science Bowl Coach and Science Research Coordinator Chris Hoppner said it was the most exciting Science Bowl competition he has seen in his career.  “I am extremely proud of how well our students performed, especially since they are such a new and young team, with only one player ever competing prior to this. They are definitely a credit to their school and to their parents.”  

Congratulations to the entire team on this outstanding accomplishment!


Click here to read the Newsday story about the event.


Falcons are State Champs!

Day Two of Competition in Albany, NY:
The LVHS wrestling team has been crowned New York State Division II State Champions! Additionally, freshman Hunter Dusold has been crowned a State Champion.

The Falcons entered day two of the state championships with four wrestlers competing in the semifinals. From those four athletes, freshmen Jon Gomez and Hunter Dusold advanced to the finals, Jon in the 99-lb. weight class and Hunter in the 113-lb. weight class. Jon finished second earning All-State Honors. Hunter won an exciting match in the finals 3-1 therefore being crowned New York State Champion. He is Locust Valley's first state champion since Rich Pidgeon in 1985.

Juniors Nick Casella and Sam Ward battled in wrestle backs. Sam took third place earning All-State Honors while Nick finished in fifth place also earning All-State Honors.


Day One of Competition:
Six of the Falcon county champion wrestlers advanced at the State Championships to the quarter finals on day one of competition during the opening round.  They were: Nick Casella, Hunter Dusold, Mike Dusold, Jordan Formicola, John Gomez and Sam Ward.

Jon, Nick, Sam and Hunter continued their success with big wins advancing to the semifinals on day two (Saturday, March 1st).

Congratulations to all of the competing Falcons and good luck to those advancing in the competition!


Gap Elimination Adjustment - We Need Your Help!


Action to Eliminate Gap Elimination Adjustment - We Need Your Help - CLICK HERE!

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